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Thursday, November 10, 2011

No action taken on 32 recommendations - Langkawi International Shooting Range Malaysia

The AG’s report for 2008, among others, pointed out that no action had been taken to implement plans for the Langkawi International Shooting Range Malaysia complex.
The Home Ministry was informed that discussions had been held with the Youth and Sports Ministry and the National Sports Council to turn the complex into a tourist attraction or be handed over to the ministry but no decision had been made.
The ministry was supposed to turn the complex into the Transnational Organised Crime Academy (Matoc) but policy decisions were still at the discussion stage.
The star  
A/L :-
Been here once & try shoot the guns. The complex is huge & its a waste looking at how the complex was rarely use by the government. There's ways to turn the complex. Just make it as tourist attraction. If the government dont know how to use it sub let the whole facility to people who are interested. 

There're Malaysian company's making guns & bullet. Probably they might take the iniciate & make it as additional tourist attraction. The compound area can also be converted to Paintball areas. Nearby land as well. Give the company who runs the place incentive & tax relief until its running well..


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