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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Budget 2012 boost to property and construction sectors - Langkawi Comment


(what he's comment with regards to Langkawi 420millition budget & property & construction sectors)

 As one of the NKEAs, the tourism industry will also receive a shot in the arm. For example, RM420mil will be allocated to launch the Langkawi Five Year Tourism Development Master Plan. Among the initiatives to be undertaken are the restructuring of the Langkawi Development Authority, setting up a park rangers unit, upgrading museums, beaches and small businesses as well as providing a more efficient transportation system.

In my view, to create a more supportive environment for the tourism industry, it is of high importance for the Government to also re-look at current restrictions on buying and investing in properties in Langkawi. The island has great potential; however, more needs to be done to attract hotel operators as well as investment in tourist-related activities as the current regulations are considered as “unfriendly” to foreign buyers or investors.

AL :-
Respect his opinion but here are mine. 
Langkawi don't need lavish & high attraction in terms of foreign buyers or investors. More hotel international operators just means that less & less beach accessible to the public. Look what happen to Andaman area's, Tanjung Rhu areas, Five Season & several other beaches. If i'm not mistaken the law said the beach belongs to the public. Anyone can use the beach & not consider as trespassing. 
So call 'unfriendly' policy make langkawi more attractive in terms of local entity & development. Instate Dato' Should should encourage property investors to team up with locals on development of langkawi. There's a lot of potential & land owner who wish to do business just that lacking in terms of funding & how to..

p/s: Dont want langkawi to be like penang or bali..

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RoseLangkawi said...

i couldn't agree more with your comment and i do agree that the tourism benefits should go to the locals..

sayang langkawi:)

anaklangkawi said...

kesian pada local bukan apa..'
its their homeland..