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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ironmen at World Cup Asia in Langkawi, Malaysia

Picture from dye paintball blog.
The Ironmen set off to Langkawi Malaysia for the World cup Asia event on november 11- 13. We were invited there to represent the USA in the Intercontinental Cup Division of the Tournament. This division featured many teams such as, TonTons from France, Reapers from South Africa, Xfox/Xtioners from Malaysia, Assassalas from Africa, STK from Australia, Datis from Iran and a few others. There were also tons of teams competing in all of the divisional levels.

Our trip started off with a very long flight from Los Angeles to Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur and then finally to Langkawi. Our hosts were gracious enough to set us up with some local sightseeing tours where we got to see some of the mangroves, eagle feeding and their fantastic beaches. We also were able to take cable cars up to the top of the highest peak on Langkawi for some amazing views. We also were able to eat with the King and Princess of Malaysia for a festive dinner.

Our tournament started off with a match against Xfox/Xtioneers the Malaysian representative that ended with a 3-2 victory for us. The next match was against Assassalas from Gabon Africa, and was also a 4-0 win for us. Our final match of the Prelims was against a strong STK from Australia who we also beat 4-0. On sunday we were up against Datis from Iran who had just won the Division one crown, we also beat them 4-0. The final match was against TonTon’s which we lost in a close fought battle 4-2. Congratulations o the Tontons for their first place victory in the ICC division.
The Ironmen would like to thank everyone for the nice event the put on at WCA and we look forward to coming back next year.

Malaysia Team in Action
SK – Coach of the Ironmen

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Successful event & will be yearly event not to be missed.. 

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