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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Raja Muda 2011: the dash to Langkawi

At around 50nm – depending on the position of the start line - the last Raja Muda passage race from Penang to Langkawi is the shortest leg of the regatta. This one really is a straight line course, wind-dependent. It has become a feature of this year’s regatta that there’s more breeze at the finish than at the start, and yesterday followed on in spades.

Sunshine replaced the previous day’s grey overcast, but the wind was notably absent at start time 1200hrs. After a little jilling around and admiring the Penang scenery, the RO sent off the well-known ‘big black Police RIB’ on a windseeking mission, all the way out to the second inbound port channel markers. Still nothing. Cutting a long, slow and hot story short, racing started for Class 6 in a fitful 3-4kts from the east at 1320hrs with just 47nm to the finish. Eveline seemed to be having trouble getting to the line…  

 AL :-
Honestly, i dont know about this event untill now.. Anyway we'll see who will wins..

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