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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Langkawi a big hit with Koreans

LANGKAWI: Koreans who have grown fond of Langkawi, are back for the second time to enjoy the islanders' warm hospitality.

The latest group is made up of 31 visitors aged between 40 and 78. Cheong Am Middle School of Seoul principal Choo Se Young said the participants, enrolled in a special programme for the poor and needy, were selected as part of the Malaysia-Korea Homestay programme.

"We learnt so many interesting things about Langkawi and the residents from a group of secondary students who came here last year. "We are so happy to have been chosen to savour the warm hospitality of Langkawi residents," he said after arriving at Kampung Keda Wang Tok Rendong here yesterday for a three-day stay with foster families. The VIP visitors were earlier wowed with a traditional welcome by their hosts. Many among the guests were seen clicking their cameras to record the warm welcoming ceremony which included youngsters beating the kompang while they were escorted by young village women carrying the bunga manggar to meet their foster families.

Choo said they were very touched by the warm reception by the Malaysian Homestay Operators' Association and its Langkawi chapter. "I know the group would remember this day forever. "This has been a truly moving experience for us and we want to learn more about the people, their culture and we will also not want to miss visiting the many tourist attractions that we have heard so much about in Langkawi." Meanwhile, Langkawi Homestay Association chairman Mokhtar Shabudin said the visit by the Korean guests was made possible after Tourism Malaysia held discussions with its Korean counterparts last October.

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