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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fund allocated to cater Jellyfish Reseach & Problem

I would like to suggest one thing with regards to the fund will be given to Langkawi (RM420Million). I know LADA will set up a ranger division to cater the environment. I do hope apart from that a special interest & task force to be made to monitor presence of Box Jellyfish & jellyfish in Langkawi.

We cannot deny their presence & its effects to people. We dont have the expertise nor the facility to combat this. We only use typical vinegar & drugs to combat its effect. WE need to really look into this. I hope the authority will look into this, setup a team or import expert to look upon this problem.

One task force on how to control.
One task force 'medic' & facility to cater the effected people if they get stung.  

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