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Friday, October 7, 2011

How to have a fun-filled holiday without a guide

‘Driving yourself is the best way to explore the island’
Prerna Singh, Lawyer
Even though Langkawi is a small island I decided to explore it on my own, without any tourist-like planning. One of the few good things that I did was buying a map of Langkawi. Renting a car was next on the list. Driving yourself is the best way to explore the beauty and adventure of the island. We obviously did break some minor traffic rules, as we were out to explore things on our own, but managed to not get into trouble. Unlike India, you wouldn’t find anyone walking on the roads, who can assist you with the routes so we were just on the mercy of the map and the sign boards.

The visit to the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club had me ogling at the cool yachts. I travelled to beaches such as Rhu beach, Cenang beach, Kok and Tengah Beach. The best part remained that everything was impromptu and unplanned, and that added to the thrill.

Things to keep in mind:
* Carry your driving license  if you want to drive there.
* Buy a map.
* Experiment with Malay food.
* Shopping isn’t a very good idea here. You could rather splurge on adventure and water sports.

AL :-
The tips about can only applies to the max when you've done a preliminary search about langkawi places before u even visit Langkawi.. 
Unless u are there for a long time..

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