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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Langkawi 420 Million Boost in Tourism Industry

From the Star - 8/10/11
As you know Langkawi got a boost of 420million from government for 5 years plan. A plan call The Langkawi 5-Year Tourism Development Plan will be launch to promote tourist arrival & domestic tourism. A ranger park similar to ones in overseas will be set up to monitor environment of Langkawi & to cater the eco-tourism industry.

A revamp of LADA will took place to incorporate this division. Hopefully it just not stop there. A total revamp of LADA need to took place in order for more effective & new faces should be brought in to give fresh idea's. A total look need to take place to see what has been spend for the last few years & its impact to the tourism industry in Langkawi.

A newly activity & tourist spots need to be open in order to cater the more & more demanding visitors. This will put Langkawi on the spot at least at par as others islands in the world. There're rooms to play & cater. More professional tourism approach need to take place. Locals should be opt to be train as Rangers & as well train guides.. With the approach of nature & eco-tourism.

Hope the plan should took place without hassle & not to forget inputs from fellow NGO's & others to get the best solution possible to the island.

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