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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Better to replace aged ferries

I REFER to Offer premier ferry lounges, operators told” (The Star, Jan 15).
In my humble opinion, the money would be better spent building some new purpose-built vessels to replace the current batch of aged and seemingly rather unsafe boats now in use.
I wonder if the Tourism Minister was shown around one of these old boats?

Having experienced one very rough crossing where many leaks were evident, I now use them as little as possible.

A.R. BUTLER, Langkawi, Kedah.

Anaklangkawi :-
:O I dont want to comment more. But normally Langkawi is a place where old & not fit to use Labuan vessel were put to rest. :)


Kamal Sanusi said...

Those morons are always selfish. They urged for VIP Ferry Lounges just simply to cater their needs not other passengers because they always use it for free or ada lembu lain yg bayor.

Better re-design the seat for more space. Sempit sgt sampai dikatakan MP Langkawi duduk pun lutut dia berlaga ngan dagu.

Kah kah kah!!!...

anaklangkawi said...
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anaklangkawi said...

Which morons? :)..

OT.. if you redesign the seats.. the number of passangers lagi sikit... bukan nanti the ferries will ask for an increase rate ka? tak gitu?