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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Letter from Concern Regular Tourist

From : Cumbria England,

To : Datuk Paduka Abu Bakar

Dear Sir,

For the last 19 years, I have been a frequent visitor to Langkawi, and for a three year period, my husband & i returned here & fully intended to stay. However, it became apparent that many services, utilities were deteriorating resulting in the present chaos.

The collection of rubbish has become infrequent, resulting in piles of refuse left for days on the roadside. Areas of land cleared for development of cheap & badly constructed buildings with no thoughts of surrounding environment. A point in fact is the ongoing destruction of Tanjung Mali Hill.

There is now a "FUNFAIR" on Mukim Kedawang which has remained in place despite many pleas to the authorities by neighbouring residents & guest in the area to stop the deafening music which continous all evening, every day until 01.00 or 02.00am. The rubbish from the "FUNFAIR" is thrown onto the adjoining waterlogged land & left to rot into a stinking mess.

Langkawi is reputed to be a place of peace & beauty. It no longer is & I, for one will not return untill such time as these serious problem are resolved. For me the dream is over.

I would also mention that there is only one ATM in the whole area of Pantai Tengah & Pantai Cenang. It is frequently "OUT OF SERVICE".

I hope that something is done to restore Langkawi to its proper condition or for the island too.. the dream is over..

Yours Faithfully,


CC : Datuk Nawawi ,
Tourism Malaysia, Pusat Penerangan Pelancongan, Langkawi
Abdul Aziz Abdul Ghani, Majlis Perbandaran Langkawi
Bahagian Perhubungan Awam, LADA,
Mr. Jeffrey Sunset Beach
Mr. Saidi Ramli, White Lodge Langkawi

Anaklangkawi :-
A letter from a concern regular tourist complaining about current situation of langkawi. This is some of the grouses we heard from time to time. It is sad to hear such grouses when the we've tried all we can to promote our lovely island.

I urge/ demand that authorities take serious concern regarding this. I know most of the complains can only be solve by the local authorities, LADA & tourism ministry. So please take act.. The ADUN & MP's can only raise the concern & complains but at the end those ppl in the office can only solve it..

So if they said its only the locals complain then think again.. For other let us write more complains & letters so that our lovely island become a dream again to people like Valerie..
As for the banks.. Please-lah.. increase your ATM's .. if you dont want the services than MPL should open to other banks.

p/s: Thanks to Parliment Langkawi office by sharing the letter.


typhaa2 said...

Kita terlalu berpolitik.... Projek pun untuk kepuasan geng2 kita... Apa yg kita buat bukan untuk langkawi... Sedar sebelum terlambat.

anaklangkawi said...

:) Majlis tempatan & mereka2 yg terlibat perlu peka dgn masalah sekeliling.. Langkawi bergerak bersandarkn pelancongan,. maka adalah amat penting utk mengambil maklumbalas dr mereka2 seperti ini..

jgn kita harapkn pelancong tempatan sahaja kerana selalunya terhad kepada waktu2 tertentu sahaja kedatangan.. pelancong asing pula byk menyumbang kepada perkembangan pelancongan di langkawi..

p/s: tindakan please..