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Thursday, October 15, 2009

LANGKAWI AIRPORT: No facilities for disabled

I MADE a trip to Langkawi on a MAS flight on Sept 25 and returned to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Sepang on Sept 27. There were no facilities at the Langkawi airport for the disabled to board and get off the plane.

It took some effort to do both, thanks to the helpful ground staff who also mentioned that they could not understand the lack of such equipment at an international airport.In line with our much-talked about "People First, Performance Now" policy, it is time some attention was given to the disabled.The leadership of both the transport and tourism ministries and airport authorities need to address this shortcoming. Perhaps MAS can initiate the action.

Anaklangkawi :-
Langkawi Airport should take action & improve.


typhaa2 said...

Saya sangat setuju dengan Sdra. Ismail nii... Saya juga kerap travel melalui airport lgk. Bila hujan alamat basah kuyup le walaupun ada payung. Saya cadang MAB buatlah laluan berbumbung antara arrival dgn departure.So, access tak berbumbung dgn flight to tak jauh sangat.

anaklangkawi said...

Kalau dah byk sgt kekerapan ke langkawi jadi upgrade la sikit facility utk kemudahan pelancong.. & pengguna