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Monday, October 5, 2009

Malaysia To Focus On Island Wedding Packages

MOSCOW: Malaysia will focus more on promoting island wedding packages as a new tourism product to attract visitors from target markets, including Russia. Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen said although it was a new idea, the ministry believed wedding packages had potential.

“I will go back and will call wedding planners and see how we can create these packages,” she told Malaysian reporters at the end of a four-day sales mission to Russia. During a news conference with the Russian media, Dr Ng was asked if any of the Malaysian islands could be rented for special functions such as weddings.

“As there is such a question, I believe that the Russians can afford to have weddings on rented islands,” she said. Malaysia has 1,700 islands and Langkawi is one of the more popular holiday destinations among Russians.

Dr Ng said that to entice specific target tourists, well-developed packages must be put in place.
“It is time for hotels to rethink their packages, to create appropriate activities for their customers to ensure they are not bored, and stay longer in the country,” the minister said.
She said feedback from Russian tour operators indicated that some hotels and holiday destinations in Malaysia, such as Langkawi, were “too quiet”.

On another note Dr Ng, who is MCA vice-president, conveyed her condolences to the people of Padang, Indonesia and South Pacific, who were hit by disasters which claimed the lives of thousands. — Bernama 5/10/09

Anaklangkawi :-
Good news. Arabs already recal Langkawi as a place for their wedding couples to have honeymoon. And now we're trying to make Russia newly wed as well make Langkawi as a honeymoon destination. It means good business & great oppurtunity awaits us.

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