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Friday, October 30, 2009

Ilham Desa Award ~ The Rural and Regional Development Ministry

This year's Ilham Desa Award went to Kampung Kilim, Langkawi, for its Kilim fishermen's economic project. Second place went to Kampung Gong Guchil, Besut for its cultural project while Kampung Mawai Baru, Kota Tinggi, was third with its endowment land development project.


Anaklangkawi :-
Its quite awesome Kilim, Langkawi won the Ilham Desa Award & i'm proud of it. But to be the 1st prize winner without having the award ceremony done in Kilim itself was quite dissapointing.

However, the award ceremony was done in Kampung Mawai Baru Kota Tinggi.

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