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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Aircraft Spotting In Langkawi


For those who love Aircraft Spotting. Langkawi offers an excellent choice of great places for spotting. The airport is beautiful and the weather is great. There's even a platform atop of a hill (refer as red spot in the map below). The place overlooks the entire terminal & airfield which offers panoramic view of airport area. The place is call Observation Hill or Bukit Chenkuan (as the locals call it).

Its was always full of Aircraft Spotters during LIMA Exhibition (Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace exhibition) which were held once every two years.

The best spotting runway will be Runway21.

The pictures own by Liang Wei

What is Aircraft Spotting?
Aircraft spotting or plane spotting is the observation and logging of the registration numbers of aircraft: gliders, powered aircraft, balloons, airships, helicopters, and microlights.
When spotting aircraft, observers notice the key attributes of an aircraft. They may notice a distinctive noise from its engine or the number of vapour trails it is leaving. They will assess the size of the aircraft and the number, type and position of its engines. Another clue is the position of wings relative to the fuselage and the degree to which they are swept rearwards. Are the wings above the fuselage, below it, or fixed at midpoint? Perhaps it is a monoplane, biplane, or triplane. The position of the tailplane relative to the fin(s) and the shape of the fin are also clues to its type. If it is an antique or light aircraft it might have a tail wheel. Some aircraft types have a fixed undercarriage while others have retractable wheels.

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