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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cable Car Closure In Langkawi ~ Jadual Penutupan

Fellow guests. Some might not know but actually the cable car in Langkawi must attend to schedule inspection as required by Malaysia Act/ Law. Normally there's a schedule inspection every month.

Among the thing they check will be :-
1- Wire Rope Condition (wear & tear)
2- Visual inspection all items.
3- Foundation check. Visual of the visible crack if any.
4- Condition of Cable cart

For up to date schedule please refer here. Official website for Cable Car Langkawi.

Note from Langkawi Cable Car 
It is our priority to guarantee the safety and reliability of the cable car system thus ensuring that everyone visiting the cable car will have an enjoyable and a remarkable moments. To achieve it we need to perform regular maintenance, either corrective or preventive to make sure everything is safe and working as expected.
So for everyone planning for visiting the cable car, make sure to refer here always as we will regularly provide the schedule of the closure. 

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