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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Langkawi...surprises me!!! by Steward Saw.

Right after my What?!-have-to-go-again-for-3-months ruminant practical in Johore, I went to Underwater World Langkawi for my 2-week practical. Or in other words, from a remoted nothing-to-do-than-better-sleep-early farm to a heavenly lively island. (OMG, I can’t believe I just said that, after cursing Langkawi island for having nothing but expensive food and hot weather 6 years ago…well, things improve..hehe )
Indeed a super big eye-opener for me, since I have not much of exposure to marine and aquatic animals previously (All I can recall is all of my pet fish died under my care when I was small). And lots of management stuff to learn, and it is even complicated when each species requirement varies. From marine to brackish water and finally to freshwater fishes, we learn the feed type, environment parameter, anatomy and bits of treatment, filtration system and lots more. And basically those things that explain why my pitty pet fish died. Haih, ignorance kills them.
Anaklangkawi :-
When most of us visited & look at the animal & fish from outside the box. This blogger have the opportunity of the lifetime by handling the animals from within.. Such a nice experience indeed. 
Great to know he has such a great practical in Langkawi Underwaterworld. 

p/s: Never know before that Underwater World offers practical for students..

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