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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hole in the Wall Local Seafood ~ I love to Eat.

This floating restaurant is a great stop after a few hours of eagle watching, bat cave exploring & boating activity. To get here, you can go with the tour package at the Sungai Kilim Jetty or if you plan just to hv lunch or dinner at the restaurant, call the number below, & the restaurant will send a boat for you FOC (how great is that). It only take 7 minutes from jetty to the restaurant.

Here, you can select your own fresh seafood & while the chefs are doing their magic, you can kill time by visiting & even feed somec ollections of fish just a few steps away (seriously, you'll be amazed).

More Detail here.

Timbermad : 
One thing for sure i like about the review it offers map on how to go there..

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