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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dialogue back in Langkawi

MALAYSIA will host the Lang-kawi International Dialogue again next year to share its experience and reform efforts with leaders from Africa, the Commonwealth and other countries.
Participants at the Global Smart Partnership, which ended here yesterday, decided that similar meetings be continued, citing Malaysia as an exemplary nation.

The theme for the Langkawi dialogue has yet to be decided, but Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said issues related to the current situation such as human capital development and 1Malaysia would likely be highlighted.

Summarising Malaysia's measures in tackling the global financial crisis at the last session of the meeting here, Muhyiddin said proactive mea-sures, including the introduction of economic stimulus pac-kages, had mitigated the effects of the downturn in Malaysia.The measures, he said, were aimed at reducing unemployment, easing the burden of the people, especially the vulnerable, assisting the private sector and capacity-building for the future.
As part of economic reforms, he told dialogue partners that liberalisation measures for the financial sector and services sub-sectors in various fields had also been introduced.

"These measures offer better chances to local and foreign sectors to churn out more capacity and increase the quality of services."Muhyiddin said by creating a conducive business environment and attracting more investments, it would attract more professionals and technology to the country.

These help strengthen competitiveness and create more employment opportunities.He also touched on the establishment of a national economic advisory council to deal with global issues and develop measures to tackle issues affecting the economy.In an effort to realise Vision 2020, Muhyiddin said the government subscribed to the view that knowledge management was the key to enhancing the delivery of services. This was also aimed at reducing red tape.

New Straits Times 27/7/09

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